Browse Collections

Collection Lists

A section of the start/main page allows you to review the list of archival collections accessible through this online Catalog. Depending on how the page has been configured by the Archive, you will see one of two presentations of the collection list:

  • a Browse by Collections link.  This link may be in the main part of the page, after the Quick Search, or in the left frame. Click the link to display an alphabetical listing of collection titles. If the link is in the left frame, the listing will be generated on a separate page.
  • an A-Z listing, as illustrated below.

    Hover over a character and, if it is a link, click it to display the list of collection titles. The applicable character for a given collection may be different from the full collection title so that you can more easily find a key name, e.g., a person's last name, as illustrated below with The Carlos A. Cuadra Papers.

In both types of presentations, each collection name is a link that, when clicked, takes you to a page with the generated Finding Aid report.

Core Collections

If this feature has been implemented by the Archive, a Core Collections section will display titles for a subset of collections that represent particular concentrations of the Archive. Each of these Collections is also included in the main listing described above.

The titles of this section will be listed alphabetically, according to a character-sort specified by the Archive as described earlier. For example, the list below represents a sort on the last name, e.g., Ackerman, Cuadra, Davenport.